Natasha Pulley, Author of The Watchmaker of Filigree Street
Tuesday 4 October, 5:30 pmwatchmaker-portrait

Here’s one for your book groups  to read toward: Ely-based novelist Natasha Pulley will join us for a reading and talk about her internationally best-selling book The Watchmaker of Filigree Street.  This highly imaginative, historical, political, and scientific first novel earned a clutch of awards and was a Guardian Summer Read last year, Book of the Month for the Guardian, Foyles, Huff Post, Goodreads, and it was Publishers Weekly’s best book of the year. Customers who read the hardback – which sold out completely – have been asking for more from Pulley ever since. This is one not to miss.




Muriel Murch, Author of The Bell Lap
Wednesday 7 September 5:00 pm

All of us age and change – and we all watch while those we care about go through their own life changes. Muriel Murch High Res 2 photo credit Beatrice L Murch

Muriel Murch’s new book The Bell Lap (Taylor and Francis) shares human stories of caring and being cared for that will ring true for all of us – and the bigger medical issues such as living longer vs ending well are timely debate for those in the medical profession.

Tickets £3, refundable against the purchase of any book.

Kett’s Books is delighted to be donating profits from the sale of this book to the Big C, Norfolk’s Cancer Charity.

Photo credit Beatrice L Murch

James Macdonald Lockhart, Author of Raptor: A Journey With Birds
Friday 12August 2016, 5:30 pm

Following on from the popularity of H is for Hawk and Claxton, we can’t wait to introduce you to James Macdonald LockJamesMacDonaldLockartCreditDavinaBellhart, author of Raptor: A Journey Through Birds. Described by the LBR podcast as “highly imaginative in a field that’s densely populated,” his recount of travelling through Britain finding each of Britain’s birds of prey has won the Royal Society of Literature Aware for non-fiction.  The Independent called Lockhart’s writing as “so intimate, urgent, and visceral as to make his darkly resonant ruminations almost unfailingly gripping.”

Photo credit Davina Bell

Tickets £5, redeemable against the purchase of any book




Forgotten, a play by Ray Rumsby
14 May, Saturday, Central Hall Wymondham, 7:30 pm

Forgotten, a new play by our own Ray Rumsby, will visit Wymondham’s Central Hall as part of its East Anglian tour. Funded by Arts Council England and Norfolk County Council, the play describes the life of East Anglia’s greatest poet, George Crabbe. We’ve heard the play is exceptional in thought and performance, and we’re delighted to be serving as box office for the Wymondham performance.



Sarah Passingham, Ed Parnell, Heidi Williamson visit to Kett's Books Dec 201412 April Ed Parnell
Author of The Listeners

Local novelist Ed Parnell will be visiting our book group at 6:00-8:o00, Tuesday evening.

i2 January Mark Thompson
Author of A Space Traveller’s Guide to the Solar System


Mark Thompson visits Kett’s Books

12 January Margaret Callow
Author of Rust

clements2015 October: Rory Clements
Author of The Queen’s Men

Rory Clements combines investigative journalism with historical facts, to re-imagine events with rogues, spies, and lots of dishonourable intentions. Setting a crime novel in Elizabethan England puts a particular thrill in it, and we loved joining him in conjecture.


ruth blewitt 122 August2015: Ruth Blewitt
Editor of Dragonflies Have a Problem

Ruth is a friend to the shop and a great teacher of how to promote one’s own book to success – or in her very poignant case, the book of her late husband Andrew Neil. Read the original interview here

d j taylor for websiteJuly: D J Taylor
Author of Wrote for Luck
D J Taylor’s works cover everything from alternative histories of Britain to crime fiction. The breadth of his knowledge of writers and the industry made fascinating listening.


June: Kevan Taplin
Author of Wonderful Tonight
Being a community means we can occasionally let our shop friends use our space for a bring-your-own-crowd event. Kevan brought his guitar as well as his friends, had a great first shop experience, and we enjoyed hearing

timclaytonvisitMay: Tim Clayton
Author of Waterloo
A crowd of military history enthusiasts sat on the edge of their seats listening to Clayton tell tales of Napoleon, just weeks before the bicentennial anniversary of the battle. Everyone was disappointed the evening came to an end as he brought it all to life.

Emma Healey visits Kett's BooksApril 2015: Emma Healey
Author of Elizabeth is Missing
We had her book before it was ‘discovered,’ but by the time Healey joined us, everyone knew how good it is. Her talk about persevering until you get it right was warm, memorable, and inspiring. We can’t wait for her next book.

20150311_184512March 2015: Mark Cocker
Author of Claxton
Natural history is always popular with our customers, and it was a joy watching him gaze into the distance, recalling a memory of nature at its fiercest. At Kett’s Books we love seeing people write about what they love.


IMGA01168 December 2014, Susan Hill
Author of Woman in Black


Ed Parnell's visit to Kett's Books Dec 20144 December 2014
Local authors Ed Parnell, Sarah Passingham, and Heidi Williamson


Eimear McBride visit to Kett's Books Nov 201419 November 2014 Eimear McBride
Author of A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing


James Mayhew visit to Kett's Books Oct 2014October 2014 James Mayhew
Author of Katie art books





September 2014 Julie and Matthew Bruton-Seal
Authors of The Herbailist’s Bible


20140725_190121-1[1]25 July 2014 Louis de Bernières
Author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin


16April 2015 Elly Griffiths
Author of the Ruth Galloway crime novels


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