Frequently asked questions


Do you sell and accept National Book Tokens? 

Yes of course we do. We have a selection of gift cards which you can buy as gifts, and can be used in any major bookshop around the country.

What can I use my Kett’s Books Gift Voucher on? 

You can only use Kett’s Books Gift Voucher in our shop, but you can use it to buy any merchandise we sell. We have some terms and conditions but we think they’re pretty fair and friendly. Have a look at the Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions to understand what you can expect before you come in.

Will you sell my book in your shop? 

The short answer is maybe. Bring your book in for us to look at, and we’ll pass it around the staff to see what they think. As we’re a community bookshop, we want to get several people’s views on whether it’s something our customers would want, as well as whether the price is right.



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