Each of us can think back to one book which changed us. Someone put it in our hands.

And we all love reading – and someone taught us to read, and gave us the space to fall in love with it.

At Kett’s Books we know that one person can inspire  a lifetime of loving reading, learning, exploring, and contributing to the world around them. 

Photo: The customisable front of the counter in the shop is now in use!

Kett’s Books is a Community Interest Company. This means we are legally required to direct our profits back into the community we serve. And we want to grow and encourage those people who will make a difference in readers’ lives.

We know that every book we sell could be the one book that they will always remember. It’s a responsibility we take seriously, and joyfully. 

It is very early days and we are just beginning to shape our Outreach. From the start, however, a full third of our executive team is dedicated to the mandate of Outreach.

This work may take any form, but we are particularly eager to encourage both reluctant readers, as well as eager learners who seek additional challenge.

Even before our Grand Opening, we have started meeting with local schools to understand how we can reinforce the curriculum in a ‘real-life’ setting.

On the first Wednesday of the month we plan to offer reading to toddlers and babies in the shop, to give carers and children a safe and satisfying place to spend part of their morning in the company of others enjoying stories. This also builds their emerging literacy, and helps build adults’ confidence and skills in sharing stories with young children.

We will go into schools to tell stories, to offer additional role models to help children see the importance of stories and narrative in their learning.

We plan to offer reading challenges to children during school breaks, to keep them motivated. We will give them opportunities to write about their reading on this website, so they can share their experience of reading in a meaningful way. 

And we plan to offer a class curator programme, where children will be able to help us select the books we sell, in line with the curriculum.

Other outreach could include reading in nursing homes, offering writing training, supporting book groups, collaborating with Wymondham Words, and in ways we have yet to imagine.

If your group would like to work with us, please do get in touch. We will consider requests against our available resources as well as our mission, and have a conversation. 


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